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Historic Belvidere Mansion

Sitting just off of Route 66, Claremore, Oklahoma, is the Historic Belvidere Mansion. Built in 1907 and completed just before Christmas, it calls to be explored and transports you back it time. 


Historic Belvidere Mansion

Historic Belvidere Mansion

The Beginning

Built by businessman John Bayless for his wife Mary and their seven children. When the Bayless family settled in Claremore, Mr Bayless had four grand buildings erected, including the 9000 square foot Belvidere Mansion. The other three were for the communities enjoyment, but only the mansion is still standing. Unfortunately, Mr. Bayless died in June of 1907, before he could see his dream realized. However, the family still moved in and stayed until 1919.

Historic Belvidere Mansion


After the Historic Belvidere Mansion fell into disrepair, the Rogers County Historical Society purchased it and returned it to its beautiful past. They allow free self guided tours through the mansion, although they would greatly appreciate donations to help with the operation and upkeep.

Historic Belvidere Mansion

The Pink House

Inside the Historic Belvidere Mansion is The Pink House, which is a cute tea room serving lunch Monday through Saturday from 11 am until 2 pm. We had lunch and enjoyed it very much.

Historic Belvidere Mansion

They serve a variety of salads, sandwiches, quiches and baked potatoes. My daughter selected the Greek Salad and said it was really yummy and filling.

Historic Belvidere Mansion

My choice is called the Double Scoop and it included a scoop of chicken salad, a scoop of pimento salad and a slice of gluten free bread. Every item on the menu is clearly marked with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. Again, my meal was really good and so filling.

Historic Belvidere Mansion

Tour the Historic Belvidere Mansion

Following lunch, we climbed the stairs to begin our tour. It’s clear that the Rogers County Historical Society put a lot of work into the restoration and operation of the mansion. Walking through was such fun, seeing things we recognized and other things that we wondered what they were.

Historic Belvidere Mansion

I remember a phone similar to this one when I was growing up. I can’t remember who had it in their house though.

Historic Belvidere Mansion

Of course, there as this wonderful bathtub. I’d love to have one similar to this someday. Maybe I can put one in my cabin someday.

The Historic Belvidere Mansion is open Monday through Saturday, 11 am until 2 pm. Plan to be there a couple of hours, if you have lunch too. You can also reserve the third floor ballroom for events, like weddings. We really enjoyed our time there.

Historic Belvidere Mansion


Historic Belvidere Mansion



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  • Harshi July 17, 2020 at 3:49 pm

    The salad indeed looks delicious and so fresh. I would so love to get a tub like that one someday too, it’s simple, classy and so cute! I remember those phones too, it used to be so fun rotating that dial to call the numbers! Looks like it was a great trip 🙂

    • ppadmin July 17, 2020 at 5:17 pm

      It was a very great day. It’s fun to see things you used in the past, even if they make you feel old sometimes.

  • Krista July 17, 2020 at 3:51 pm

    I love reading about historic buildings. I haven’t heard about this one before so it was an interesting read! Adding this to my list!

    • ppadmin July 17, 2020 at 5:18 pm

      It was fun to walk through and the lunch was so good. We loved it all.

  • Kendra July 19, 2020 at 11:01 pm

    How cool! I love touring old buildings, so this might have to go on my “to-see” list! And the food looks delicious!

    • ppadmin October 4, 2020 at 12:38 pm

      The food was really good and it was fun to explore the mansion.

  • Sandy N Vyjay July 20, 2020 at 6:08 am

    Belvidere Mansion transports you to a vintage and classic past. The building looks so timeless and the interiors classy. It is such a pity that the man who visualized it died before its completion. The Pink Room must be a great experience within the mansion.

    • ppadmin October 4, 2020 at 12:39 pm

      I was sad for him not being able to see his vision complete. We did love that lunch though.

  • Kelly July 22, 2020 at 11:26 am

    This sounds like a fun way to spend a few hours. I love that there is a little tea room on site to make it more relaxing and the perfect day out.

    • ppadmin October 4, 2020 at 12:50 pm

      It was a fun place to visit. The tea room was really a great break too, as we had been being tourists all morning.

  • bye:myself July 22, 2020 at 3:11 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful place. However, being from Europe, it’s always funny to see what’s considered old in the US. We are looking at these structures from 56 BC – and in some US cities, the oldest house is from the 19th century….

    • ppadmin October 4, 2020 at 12:53 pm

      Yes, exactly. We’ve lived in Europe a few times, once in an apartment that was built in the 1700’s, so old in the US is really not so old. I think that every time I visit Europe and walk a city wall or explore a castle.

  • Archana Singh July 23, 2020 at 6:44 am

    I am a huge fan of historic buildings and Historic Belvidere Mansion looks so cute, especially the Pink House. Being a tea lover I would love to visit the cute tea room serving lunch.